Oil Filled Transformers:

The Company has installed facility to manufacture Oil filled Power and Distribution Transformers up to 160 MVA, 220 KV Class.

Delta Power Controls derives its strength from its customers. The growth of the latter is pre-requisite to the growth of the Company and hence Customer satisfaction is the prime objective. Over the years of sincere service and dedication to its Customers has earned the Company distinguished Customers which includes leaders in Government and Semi-Government projects, Refineries, Fertilizer Plants, Cement, Steel, Chemical, Pharma, Paper, various other Industries and State Electricity Boards in India as well as Abroad also.

Cast Resin Transformers:

In view of the requirement of Indian Industry, we have introduced Delta Power Controls Cast Resin (Dry Type) Transformers. This introduction supplements our existing product viz. Vacuum Resin Impregnated Dry Type Transformers. Dry Type Transformers of both the above varieties are in use.

The Company has Resin Impregnated Dry type Transformers up to 5 MVA, 11 KV Class (In Technical collaboration with a leading GERMAN Company) and Cast Resin Dry type Transformers up to 12.5 MVA, 33 KV Class (In Technical collaboration with a leading GERMAN Company).