Our Annual Maintenance Contracts generally includes replacement of defective parts/ replacement of whole units along with On-site support. Sometimes, Annual Maintenance Contracts would require the customer to hand over defective units/ send them over to the factory which would be returned to them after the fault is rectified

When to sign up for AMC?

We emphasize on signing up for AMC contracts before the warranty / previous AMC contract expires to avoid unforeseen costs out of warranty. We undertake a Preventive Maintenance check for all the equipments covered under the AMC, at least once in six months. The cost of the AMC contract per year for transformers & AVRs is 8% to 10% of the original cost of the equipment. This can also vary based on type of the equipment. There is one more type of service that we offer. Here, the customer is charged a service charge that covers the servicing / repairs, etc. on-site for a year. But, if there are any defective components, the same has to be replaced by the customer at their own cost.