Our service includes installation, maintenance, testing of substations, panels, cable trays etc., erection and many other services. This service will help to install the device in the required manner, which also reduces the risk of any damage or fire accident.

  • Electrical Panel Installation
  • Underground Cabeling
  • Overhead Cabeling
  • Cable Tray Installation
  • HT / LT Cable Laying
  • HT / LT Kit Installation
  • Earthing Installation


Why Do You Need Electrical Installation Services

  • Prevent Damage: If you hire an expert for installation task, it may minimize your risk of facing any damage because they are experienced in their work and they do what’s best for you.
  • Cost You Lesser: If you think that hiring an expert for installation services increase your expense, then no, because the damage due to unprofessional work, cost you much more than doing it professionally.
  • Know Better: Our experts have years of experience and they know better about the electricity. So, it’ll save your time and money as well.